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Zodiac Palm Crystals


If you practice energy work in alignment with the 12 houses of the zodiac, and synchronize your meditations with the seasons’ ruling sign, then you will loved these astrological palm stones! This offering honors every sign, and can be used in your magical work to correspond with your sun, rising, moon, or other resonant parts of you. Take one of these home to enhance your celestially governed strengths and to deepen your understanding of what shadow aspects may be holding you back.

Each piece displays an etching of the sign name and zodiac symbol, which are carved into its corresponding gemstone for harnessing that energy. These 12 stones glorify each and every priestess and warrior for what gifts the month of your birth has bestowed upon you!

Hold onto this palm stone as you meditate, or place it on your altar to draw upon its astrological magic. The 12 palm stones are as follows:

Aquarius is a honey calcite palm stone, for healing the mother wound

Pisces is a picture jasper palm stone, for creative visualization

Aries is a snow quartz palm stone, for spiritual purification

Taurus is a carnelian palm stone, for manifestation energy

Gemini is a green aventurine palm stone, to draw financial success

Cancer is a unakite jasper palm stone, for healing the self

Leo is a leopardskin jasper palm stone, for shamanic journeying

Virgo is a rose quartz palm stone, for harnessing energies of self love

Libra is a jade palm stone, for drawing fortune and luck

Scorpio is a brecciated jasper palm stone, for focus, clarity and organization

Sagittarius is a dumortierite palm stone, for patience, calm, and stability

Capricorn is an onyx palm stone, for stress relief and self-mastery

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