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Wellness Candle Set


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Wellness Set Pillar Size Candles Include Health, Womb, Breath | Dressed with Herbs & Crystals

✅ I put the set together for overall wellness. You can burn them all together or one out of time.

Theses are "I AM" candles to help you activate your true source energy. Some of you may refer it as God, Universe, Source, Goddess. Use what makes you comfortable . 

When we say the words "I AM' it activates this energy inside of us and the words we use right after set it in motion as a command. I challenge you to pay attention to how you use "I AM' during your day and start to correct your commands.  

These candles are have special affirmations that were channeled in 1932 coming from the 7 sun rays, the city of sun and all the ancestors, cosmic family, ascended masters, etc. It really just depends on what you call on but we all use the 7 rays of the sun for survival. Repeat the affirmation on each candle for 3-5 a day 2-3 times a day while your burn it as an offering of gratitude to the cosmic family.

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