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Sun Candle with Sun Tea


Image of Sun Candle with Sun Tea
  • Image of Sun Candle with Sun Tea

Pillars size comes w/ sun tea
Candle may come in white or yellow.

Infused with crystals and herbs. Sun candle represent the meaning for the sun tarot candle itself. Candle has powerful affirmation channeled while I was on plant medicine. When lighting the candle have your cup of tea ready. Set your intentions for lighting and drinking your tea. Drinking tea daily while the candle is burning.

Sun: playful child sun energy. Solar plexus. Positivity, warmth, success, & fun

Tea included: I have used herbs that represent the sun and that will help you wake up. This tea is caffeinated do to Black Tea. Feel free to DIY it. Our ingredients are always organic and loose leaf which makes the tea more potent than what you buy in the store. Use 1 teaspoon to 8 ounces of water

Black tea
Orange peel

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