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Spine Oil


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  • Image of Spine Oil
  • Image of Spine Oil

📌Spine Oil Roller • Infused with Rose Quartz & Roses • Avocado Oil & Essential Oils Blend • For Adults Only

All of your nerves are connected to your spine. It's fine oil is made to roll over your spine and very gently with very soft touch, no pressure ever on the spine, massage it lightly into the skin.

The technique was developed by naturopath D. Gary Young due to research showing that many forms of spinal misalignments are caused by muscle spasms and inflammation-producing bacteria and viruses that reside along the spine.

Essential Oils:
Valor blend: spruce, blue tansy, camphor, geranium & frankincense.
Thyme: please read photo for description on all oils & it's benefits.
Juniper: add to crown of head. helps seal the crown when you're done using it on the spine.

Never add pressure and it should never hurt your spine from a hard massage. Use light strokes like a feather feeling.

This oil is inspired by the raindrop technique. Raindrop drop oil is normally in a dropper bottle but to make it easy and small for travel, we made into a roller oil.

✅ If do you want to do the raindrop technique please remember that this is done with a dropper bottle. Look up the raindrop technique and you can do the same technique using the oil roller just roll the oil over the spine the same way they do the dropper bottle and use the same technique.

They normally do one oil out of time and because the roller is a blend of all the oils is made for easy and fast use. Follow their technique and roll the oil roller on the spine as many times as they do a dropper bottle.

✅ if you do not have anyone to do this on your spine for you please look up " RAINDROP TECHNIQUE ON FEET" you will find a lot a Videos to help you do this on the vital flex points of your feet that represent your spine.

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