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Self-Love WS


Image of Self-Love WS
  • Image of Self-Love WS

🌹 Wholesale Includes 12 Red votive unscented candles in total | All wholesale items ship in 2 weeks or less | Dressed in Herbs and Crystals

🌙 Cost per candle at wholesale is 7.34 x 12 = 88.08 | Wholesale means you can resale or use as gifts for the holidays. Shipping cost is 14.00 in total per wholesale box. I suggest you order wholesale items apart from your personal orders.

🌙 We are not liable for broke items and will not be replacing them. Please contact USPS for damages. We will package items well for you to avoid damage. If 1-2 candles do break we will replace up to 2 candles.

Light a candle any time that you were feeling you want to bring in that self-love. Speak the information on the candle into the candle.

Spiritual Junky does not assume any liability for any damage or injury that may result from the use of our products.