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Rose Quartz Wand


Image of Rose Quartz Wand
  • Image of Rose Quartz Wand

3 inches

- I love these wands to massage my face, specially under my cheekbones and up to the bottom of the ear area where the jaw bones connects. We hold a lot of tension in the face.

- I also use the skinny part of the wand on the bottoms of my feet. Push with a little pressure and if it feel a bit sore then that's where you want to push to help release the point. Press for 30 seconds a deep as you can go but not hurt yourself. Then slowly release it. Do this in 3 area of both feet and you will feel amazing!

- Rose quartz activates your Heart Chakra, opening your heart to receive your blessings. It awakens trust and dissolves negative energies. With the Heart Chakra open, you invite in a healthy flow of compassion, love, and kindness. It also brings feelings of joy, happiness, and love – not only for others but for yourself as well. You’ll treat yourself and others with more kindness, empathy, and understanding. Rose quartz represents bonds that transcend time and space and will support your healing intentions to give and receive true love and deep affection. It encourages you to maintain healthy and fulfilling relationships.

- Work with your Rose Quartz Healing Wand to clear negative energies and to infuse love into all your healing practices. Wands are also a powerful way to open and close sacred circles or channel energy from you to Source and from Source to you. However you choose to work with yours, may it serve you well. And so it is.