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Moon Candles


Image of Moon Candles
  • Image of Moon Candles
  • Image of Moon Candles
  • Image of Moon Candles

🌙 Votive Size • Dressed with Herbs & Crystals • Bathed under moon energy

🌙 Choose Full Moon, New Moon or the set.

🌙 Use candles for your moon rituals. Write your intentions or release and place it under the candle. Hold the candle and set your intentions before lighting.

🌙 take a cleansing bath or shower with one of our ritual soaps and light the candle.

🌙 These candles are made to make your rituals easy and with love. You can pair your moon candle with another candle to bring in that energy like our Rich Bitch, Self-Love, etc.

🌙 you can set up our mini hex breaker candle with a full moon candle for release. Mix and match and get creative.

❌ please do not leave candles unattended. Please do not let candle burn all the way to the bottom of the wick because it can catch fire. Please keep Candle away from curtains or anything that can light on fire. Please keep the candle away from children and pets.

Spiritual Junky does not assume any liability for any damage or injury that may result from the use of our products.