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Magickal Tool Deck

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Magickal Tool Deck • PRE-ORDERS
This is preorders only. 2 week wait before it ships
1 Deck 80 cards total - 1 instructional card included
comes with mesh bag

1 deck 48.88
2 decks 97.76 sale 90.00

This is a fun deck. Here to help you grow and learn with your practice. Crystal & candle cards can help replace actual items if you don’t have them on hand. Perfect for travel rituals. You will find planet cards, animals medicine, affirmations, moon phases, spell cards, and so much more! 80 cards is double the size of our last deck. This is a fun & colorful deck. Please remember, the cover will no longer be black. We are Printing in white.

I am the self-publishing and cards are printed here in the USA which is important to me as a creator. It helps create more jobs for others. Many decks are printed in china and are not self-published which means the creator doest get paid much for their work. Thank you for supporting self-publishers and USA jobs.

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