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Lymphatic Drainage Tea


Image of Lymphatic Drainage Tea
  • Image of Lymphatic Drainage Tea
  • Image of Lymphatic Drainage Tea

βœ…34 Servings Per Container .
🌟 $.84 per Cup!

This Medicinal Blend Is Formulated Is To Move Stagnant Toxins And Waste From The Cells To Cleanse And Support a Healthy Lymphatic & Immune System.

All Blends Are Made Fresh With Organic Loose Leaf Ingredients.

1Tsp Per 8oz Of Hot Water.

Please Consult Your Doctor Before Consumption.

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- Calendula
-Red Clover
-Red Root
-Lemon Peel

β€’ Contains Cell Regenerative Properties
β€’ Discourages Cancer [Activates Lymphocytes To Fight Against Foreign & Infectious Invaders]
β€’ Supports The Healing Process To Stimulate New Tissue Growth
β€’ Protects Against Radiation
β€’ Moves Lymphatic Stagnation
β€’ Helps Oral Health.

- Cleavers
β€’ Removes Toxic Fluid From Lymphatic System & Cleanses Tissue.
β€’ Natural Diuretic
β€’ Promotes Healthy Kidney Function
β€’ Cleanses Blood
β€’ Improves Circulation
β€’ Artery Plaque Build Up

β€’ Natural Diuretic
β€’ Parasite Cleanser
β€’ Helps Balance Blood Sugar Levels
β€’ Treats Anemia
β€’ Inhibits Cancer Cell Growth
β€’ Cleans Liver And Blood Which Balances Hormones


β€’ Immune System Support
β€’ Helps Enlarged Lymph Glands
β€’ Circulatory Stimulant
β€’ Stimulates Production Of White Blood Cells
β€’ Reduces Inflammation
β€’ Helps Respiratory Infections

-Red Clover

β€’ Improves Cardiovascular Health
β€’ Helps Alleviate Lymphatic Congestion
β€’ Maintains Bone Health
β€’ Helps Body Detoxify Chemical & Heavy Metals
β€’ Reduces Cysts & Calcification's

-Red Root

β€’ Stimulates Lymph Fluid Circulation
β€’ Prevents Blood High In Fat From Clumping
β€’ Acts As Anti-Inflammatory To Spleen & Lymph-nodes
β€’ Soothes Stomach and Intestinal Function

β€’ Helps Digestion
β€’ Controls Blood Sugar Levels
β€’ Shes Excess Weight
β€’ Liver Damage
β€’ Colon Cancer Prevention
β€’ Purifies Blood

-Lemon Peel
β€’ Hydrates Lymp Fluids
β€’Balances PH Level
β€’ Freshens Breath
β€’ Blood Purifier
β€’ Urinary Health
β€’ Flushes Out Toxins

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