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Herb Tooth Powder & Body/Yoni Powder


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Charcoal Clay Tooth Herb Powder
Herb Tooth Powdwe 2oz
Our first vegan powder toothpaste to enhance your beautiful Hippie Smile. We created it with lots of love and it is Reiki infused. This little potion has so much goodness for oral health. No toxin and no fluoride. HURRAY, to keeping our pineal gland nice and clear. This is not your traditional toothpaste but a tooth powder. The powder can leave a few herbs in your mouth but as long as you rinse well, they will all come out. If use as a powder twice a day it can last between 2-3 months. This powder can also be used as wet paste. Be aware the it leaves you sink dirty due to the charcoal. Read below for instructions. NOTE: our labels have changed.

Activated charcoal- teeth whitener. Calendula- known to be an antibacterial herb. Chamomile- known to kill tooth pain and inflammation. Bentonite clay- known to draw out heavy metal toxins and alkalizes mouth. Bakin Soda- balances levels of acid in the body and good for oral health
Cinnamon – Recent research conducted in New Zealand (Filoche SK, Soma K, Sissons CH., 2009) showed that cinnamon essential oil has the greatest antimicrobial potency against streptococcus mutans, the bacteria responsible for tooth decay, and lactobacillus plantarum, one of the bacteria responsible in gum disease.

Use directly from container by wetting your tooth brush under running water. Dip into powder and brush teeth. Brush softly and not hard on gums since many people are use to the foam you may tend to want to brush hard. Get a toothbrush with soft bristles.

Use as a wet toothpaste if wanted. Mix 1.1 ration of the powder with coconut oil when mixing small amounts for one time brush use. Example: 1tsp of powder & 1tsp of coconut oil. Mix only with plastic or wood spoon. Never use metals because it interacts with the clay.

INGREDIENTS: black activated charcoal, pecan oil, cinnamon powder, calendula, chamomile, bentonite clay, stevia, and baking soda. 2oz

PLEASE DO NOT USE METAL UTENSILS. We recommend you ask your doctor before using any of our products even if you’re no on medication, for safety precaution. These products and statements are not approved by the FDA nor are they a cure or replacement for any medication. I am not a doctor and only share what works for me. Always do a skin patch test before using. We at Spiritual Junky are not responsible for any damages whats so ever. By purchasing you are agreeing to trying our products at your own risk. All recipes & pictures ©2016 Spiritual Junky Online All Rights Reserved.

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