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Healing Sessions


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My sessions are back for a limited time woohoo. I now feel settled in to start offering you session and I have learned so much along the way.

💥Step 1:Please use the drop down menu to select you session. I have made different brackets for donation purposes based on different budgets.

💥Step 2: After your purchase copy and paste this link below to book your session on my calendar https://spiritual-junky.square.site/

I trust that you will chose what you can afford.

Sessions are all done either over the phone or over zoom. Zoom is preferred so I can properly see your body language.

Long distance session are a more affordable route. Long distance is done by connecting with you like a wifi signal through the collective connection. I then will check your chakras and see what is off balance. I will do energy work on your and send you some homework if needed. Before we start I will email you with some questions about food cravings and body discomforts.

Phone or zoom session are more in depth….we may do emotional coding, scripting, Higher or lower self conversations, soul contracts, reiki, sound therapy, card pulls, etc. Whatever I feel is needed for the session depending on how much time you booked.

I look forward to working with you. Many blessing of love and peace.