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Chakra Spray

$25.10 - $50.03

2 oz | Glass Spray Bottle | Chakra Balance | Crystal Chips for All Chakras | Face, Hair, & Body

🌟This spray smell amazing and it is handmade with love to help release, balance, and renew your chakras all in one lovely little bottles. Spray all your chakra before mediation, yoga, rituals, altars. Also spray your crystals.

🌟Over all this spray is used for balance. Each bottle has 7 different crystals chips to bring you balance for each charka.

Essential Oil Blend:
❤️Root: patchouli calms an over active root
🧡Sacral: ylang ylang calms an over active sacral.
💛Solar: juniper berry to acitvate the solar plexus but there is also eucalyptus to bring balance incase its too over active.
💚Heart: Geranium essential oil to maintain a well functioning heart chakra.
💙Throat: Eucalyptus to clear any sluggish energy or over active energy.
💜3rd Eye: Frankincense to maintain a clear and balanced third eye chakra but really great for all chakra to be protected and purified
🤍Crown: Lavender clarifies a low functioning crown chakra but frankincense also brings balance.
🖤Shungite water: is used to bring absorb negativity and bring in protection by sealing your chakras.

💥All oils work amazing together to bring your plant frequency vibration to bring you to a. balance along with intention used and the crystals.

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