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Chakra Ritual Tea

$13.88 - $26.88

🍡11 Servings | 7 Organic Herbs To Help Balance Your Chakras | $1.26 Per Cup

🌈 This amazing chakra balancing tea is blended with seven different herbs to help release, balance and renew your chakras all in one tea.

🌿Organic Herbs: turmeric, cinnamon, lemongrass, roses, fennel, Tulsi, and blue lotus.

βœ… The chakra-herb connection
Herbs have played a central role in chakra balancing for centuries. Herbs themselves contain bioactives and prana (life force), that work powerfully not only on the physical body, but the spiritual body as well. Herbs, full of life, have access to those subtle energies and therefore are utilized by traditional healers in oils, capsules, teas, tinctures and salves. They are typically recommended by holistic practitioners alongside different lifestyle shifts, yoga postures, energy therapies, breathing techniques and meditative practices.

βœ… What happens when chakras are out of balance?
When the chakras are out of balance, energy in the body becomes stagnated, which can lead to a slew of physical, emotional and spiritual issues. One may experience lethargy, headaches, muscle stiffness, stress, immune ailments, stifled creativity, moodiness, mental fog and much more. Over time, energy blockage can result in chronic issues like anxiety and various illnesses. Luckily, often when that root imbalance is addressed and the energy is freed, it can help restore health and harmony in the body and mind.

βœ… Use Half of tablespoon to make your tea. Steep for 5 minutes in hot water. Then drink.