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Chakra Large Candles

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Image of Chakra Large Candles
  • Image of Chakra Large Candles

Pillar Chakra Candle contains herbs and crystal chips for each chakra

Use candle to do a charka clearing and balance or for mediation. Pair with our chakra spray.

Hold candle and set your intentions and use the affirmation on the candle. Set on an altar or night stand and let the candle burn. Do not blow the candle out. Place a cup over the candle to put it out.

You can relight it when you're ready to move forward or let it burn without interruption. You can also use it during moon rituals and during yoga.

If you're a healer use it during session for a client and let them take it home to do their own candle work.

Neve leave candle unattended.

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