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Azul Glow Face Mask


2oz | Blue Aventurine Crystal In Each Potion

Helps heal, repair, protect, exfoliate and detox the skin.

Essential oils
💙Blue Tansy: Calming, Blue Tansy essential oil uses include toning and brightening the skin, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restoring the skin’s natural collagen and elastin for a firmer, more youthful look.

🤍Ylang ylang: can inhibit the production of melanin which is associated with age-related pigmentation. Ylang ylang has potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant* activity which is a key component in the prevention and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
➡️oily/acne-prone skin:
As an anti-microbial, ylang ylang has demonstrated activity against the bacteriae Propionibacterium acnes and Klebsiella species and shows anti-fungal activity against Candida albicans.
➡️sensitive skin/inflammatory skin conditions:
Ylang ylang III may be a better fit for you, as the scent is milder and less potentially irritating. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant* activity of the oil will still be of benefit in these skin types.

💙Blue Butter Fly Pea: The iconic Blue Butterfly mask will help detoxify, exfoliates, tones, soothes, and deep cleanses to remove impurities and boost hydration

🤍Bentonite Clay: detoxes the skin

🌱Aloe Vera Gel: Aloe vera boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid production, meaning it helps prevent wrinkles and sagging skin. Very hydrating and healing.

🤍Probiotics: Using skincare with probiotics helps to stabilize your skin’s microbiome, which in turn has many benefits. One such benefit is that your skin will have a renewed strength against impacts of your environment. That could be damage from pollution in the air, sun damage, or wind damage.

💙Glycerin: Did you know that glycerin can solve a host of your skin problems? Yes! It is one of the most widely used ingredients in the skincare industry for a reason.

➡️ Glycerin is a highly effective humectant that keeps your skin hydrated for a long duration. It is non-comedogenic, non-allergenic. Can help improve eczema and dermatitis and repair skin barrier.

🤍Jojoba Beads: A gentle skin exfoliator that is good for the skin in the environment.

✅Organic Ingredients: Glycerin, arrowroot powder non gmo/ gluten-free, Blue butterfly pea powder, bentonite clay, aloe vera, jojoba beads, probiotics, essential oils of blue tansy and ylang ylang. Please discontinue used in irritation occurs. Always test on your skin first.