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Reprogram mind & body Oracle Deck
Estimated Date for shipping: Feb 1 2020 but can be much sooner. Please order alone & not with other products it will cause delay .
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1 Deck. 44 cards total - 1 instructional card included
comes with mesh bag

1 deck 32.22

This deck will help you start to reprogram your mind and body with simple daily exercises that also make you feel good and empowered. The exercise included are things I have learned along the way that helped me financially, abundance, emotionally, and with self-love. All card are Reiki Infused & Attuned which means you can place chakra cards on your chakras fro Reiki Healing or other cards that you are called to place on the body, car, home, in your sessions, ect.

I am the self-publishing and cards are printed here in the USA which is important to me as a creator. It helps create more jobs for others. Many decks are printed in china and are not self-published which means the creator doest get paid much for their work. Thank you for supporting self-publishers and USA jobs.

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