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Abundance Body butter


Image of Abundance Body butter
  • Image of Abundance Body butter

💰abundance face & body butter is made to help you attract abundance of your Choice. 🌟 scientific fact: people in sales he is lavender made more sale. So we use lavender & peppermint for abundance.

💥face & body. Small amount on face.
💥hair wax
💥lip balm
💥 Beard
💥deep moisture for dry areas
🔮a surprise crystal in each butter.
💥4oz per container

Peppermint is used to open the road to abundance while you relax with lavender.

🥬 chlorella is used for it Beautiful green color that represents abundance in the world. It's also great for a topical collagen & skin healer because it's high in chlorophyll.

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✅ingredient: coconut wax, Shea butter, grapeseed oil; chlorella. Lavender and peppermint essential oil. Test on skin first. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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